24 years of Excellence!

24 years of Excellence

Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, holds profound significance for Anna Moreno, the proud owner of Anna’s Cleaning Service. Anna’s journey from a startup entrepreneur to a respected businesswoman is a testament to her strategic determination. On this occasion, she reflects not only on her remarkable success but also on her commitment to empowering women in her community to attain financial independence.

Anna’s passion for supporting fellow women led her to join WOMEN ACTIVE IN HISPANIC BUSINESS (MACH – Mujeres Activas en el Comercio Hispano), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business education for women. Her relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth drove her to seek opportunities and organizations aligned with her vision. Valuable insights were gleaned from the ICON CDC Business Center and the NEW Women’s Business Center, both of which enabled Anna to extend her support to a broader audience of women.

March brings a double celebration for Anna Moreno as she marks the 24th anniversary of her thriving enterprise, Annas Cleaning Service Inc. Over the years, Anna’s Cleaning Service has evolved into a company that offers specialized residential and commercial cleaning services. The doors are open to all who wish to explore the informative blog articles, gain valuable cleaning tips, delve into Anna Moreno’s inspiring journey, and discover the comprehensive range of services provided.

Anna Moreno, reflecting on her role in the Latino business community, expresses her satisfaction in being a vital link in a value chain that helps other women realize their dreams. Her dedication to empowering women serves as a source of inspiration not only on Women’s Day but throughout the year. Anna’s Cleaning Service stands as a shining example of a woman-owned business that has grown, prospered, and contributed to the empowerment of others.

As Women’s Day approaches, Anna Moreno’s story reminds us of the immense potential for women to excel in business and uplift their communities, one entrepreneurial venture at a time.

by Lilian C. Alger

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