5 Unique Date Ideas in LA for this Valentine’s Day

From Gondola's to Sneaker parties check out these unique Los Angeles date ideas for your Valentine's Day.

In search of an ideal location for a date experience this Valentine’s Day? Tired of the repetitive routine of dinner and a movie? Fear not, as we’re here to liberate you from the monotony of mundane date ideas. Los Angeles offers a plethora of thrilling activities, ranging from sunset romantic flights over the city to a fun class customizing your sneakers. Fortunately, we’ve consolidated 5 suggestions ensuring your valentine’s date is a unique and unforgettable experience!




Imagine this scenario: You and your significant other, sharing a platter of appetizers, embark on a romantic gondola journey through Newport Harbor. Opt for either an Antipasto or Dessert cruise—both accompanied by wine or champagne—or opt for a more laid-back experience with a pizza cruise, complete with a slice of gourmet cheesecake for dessert! These delightful tours are guided by an enchanting gondolier, eager to share the history of gondolas or serenade you with a traditional Venetian melody.

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For fashion-forward pairs, this personalized sneaker customization workshop is a perfect match. Discover the joy of crafting a distinctive masterpiece that doubles as wearable art! Led by an expert from Majorwavez Lab, this class will walk you through the steps of sewing or painting your sneakers, resulting in a truly unique design. The cherry on top? Every time you strut in your new kicks paired with your favorite ensemble; you’ll be reminded of the memorable date spent creating them.

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Demonstrate your courage and test the compatibility of teamwork with your date at the largest multi-themed escape room worldwide. Nestled in Hollywood, Escape Hotel boasts a selection of escape game rooms with diverse themes and varying difficulty levels. As soon as you enter, you’ll be immersed in a 1920s hotel setting where lingering spirits from the past are poised to haunt your every move—and the spookiness doesn’t confine itself to the game alone. Whether you’re exploring the grand lobby or navigating through eerie hallways, chilling surprises await at every turn.

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Ever heard the saying, “The duo that Hydrobikes together, stays together”? Well, something like that. Regardless, engaging in an active day on the water creates a delightful and unforgettable date experience. Opt for a daytime adventure, catch a stunning sunset, or venture out on an evening glow ride where the Hydrobike fleet is adorned with captivating LED lights. As you pedal along, you’ll cruise past picturesque sandy beaches, catch glimpses of wildlife, and bask in the beauty of the scenic Alamitos Bay.

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Witness your love ascend to greater heights! Gain a fresh perspective of the city with the sunset flight tour that takes you soaring above Downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, and many more iconic landmarks. Elevate your experience with a 45-minute flight, and if you desire an extra touch of luxury, consider adding champagne for a $60 supplement.

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