Having A Clean Business Can Improve Your Sales

Having A Clean Business

If you have ever watched a cleaning show like ”How Clean is your House” or ”Extreme Hoarders,” you know how easy it is to accumulate dirt and grime in a room. While this doesn’t sound like a problem that could affect a business, you’d be surprised at how common the dirt problem is, especially among smaller organizations.

With employees, customers, and vendors coming in and out of your business all day, it is no surprise that workplaces are filled with germs. 

How Will Keeping Your Office Clean Affect Revenue?

Reduce Absenteeism and Related Costs

Illness is one of the major causes of employee absenteeism. Absenteeism costs can be broken down into two areas: Direct and Indirect.


  • You will keep paying the absent employee.
  • Costs paid to other workers who take on the extra workload.
  • Workman compensation

  • New replacements will take time to onboard before they become productive
  • Cost of hiring and training new employees
  • Staff taking on extra responsibilities will become less productive due to more stress
  • Heavier workload leads to reduced quality of work, hence lower customer satisfaction
  • Unsatisfied customers will take their business elsewhere

The indirect costs are especially concerning, because they show that one person’s illness can be a problem for the whole organization.

There is only one way out of this: If you keep your office clean and disinfected, the likelihood that  your employees get sick will go down and these costs will not be in your books.

More Motivation, More Work – More Work, More Productivity

You may not have thought about this, but dirty office premises can be interpreted by employees as meaning that their priorities are not important to you.

Your employees will be more motivated when you show them you appreciate them, and that their happiness is important.

Less Time Wasted = Less Money Wasted

Some examples of how dirty office premises can contribute to time wastage include:

  • When people can’t eat in the office because the kitchen is too grimy
  • If employees are forced to visit restrooms in another building because the one at your office is dirty

Such activities count as ‘non-work.’ On average, an employee wastes 34 minutes a day on non-work. This is an equivalent of 8,160 minutes annually (or 136 hours).  Assuming an employee is paid $40 hourly, they will have wasted $5,440 of your money in a year.

Less Frequent Asset Replacement

Assets undergo faster wear and tear if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. For example, if you don’t clean office restrooms, the sinks, toilet bowls, floor tiles, and walls will stain and need to be replaced more frequently.

While you are at it, make sure to restock your bathrooms with commercial-use Toilet Paper, which is noticeably thicker and more absorbent and is long-lasting to help your company save money.

You Will Attract More Customers and Investors

A lot of organizations lose potential business because their premises are dirty, smelly or disorganized.  When customers see dirt and disorganization, they think all sorts of things like:

  • Their important documents could get lost
  • Your accounting practices are just as disorganized, so you won’t keep track of their money
  • Your business is not legitimate

Cleanliness will help you improve the image of your business among potential customers.

Conclusion: Image is Everything

When your business is clean, your customers can focus on your products and service and are more likely to return. P&G Professional products are specifically formulated for use in a commercial environment and are the same brands you know and trust for use in your home.

by Ramon Ray

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