How to Organize a Cluttered Room

When you see big results and positive change, the domino effect will take place—you’ll have the forward momentum and energy to organize other rooms.

Step 1 : Set a Goal for the Room

Think about what you’re trying to achieve before you start decluttering. Are you hoping to clean up your space, cut down on old possessions, or simply see your floor for the first time in a long time? 

Set a specific goal for the room, Envisioning your dream scenario can help you clarify what you need to do, and it can also help you stay motivated when you encounter challenges during your decluttering spree.

A common mistake people tend to make when decluttering is to not be specific enough about the goal they want to achieve. For example, more specific goals may look like this: ‘I want to give every item a home,’ or ‘I will invest in organizing containers and labels, so I can stay organized.

Step 2 : Knock Out Some Logistics

Once you’ve set your goal, you may be eager to start decluttering. But, take a moment to handle some logistics before you do.

Create a plan. What day and time will you declutter? Is this a multi-day project? Where will you take donation items? 

Answering these questions now will save you time later. You can ensure you have all the supplies you need to sort and store your stuff. You can fall back on the decluttering schedule you’ve created for yourself, and since you’ve already decided what to do with donation items, you don’t have to worry about a “donation bin” lingering in your home long after you’ve finished your deep clean.

Sometimes, we get bitten by the organizing bug on a whim, start pulling things off shelves, and then feel overwhelmed by the chaos around us. Intentionally set aside several hours for a project and set a date for when you will take all of the donation items to a center, so they don’t stay in your house for weeks on end.

Step 3: Pick a Strategic Starting Point

By this point, you’ve done all the planning you need to do. You’ve established a goal, and you’ve set your schedule. Now, you’re standing in front of a veritable mountain of clutter—where do you begin?

It is recommended starting with the hardest task in front of you. Start with the area that you’ll feel the biggest impact with. Think about the space that causes your shoulders to tense. By getting the most stressful part of the process out of the way, you can set yourself up for success. 

When you start your decluttering journey with the area that brings you the most anxiety and stress, you’ll see big results. When you see big results and positive change, the domino effect will take place—you’ll have the forward momentum and energy to organize other rooms.

But if the most stressful part of your decluttering spree sounds just too daunting to tackle, kick things off with something a little easier.

Start small. Very cluttered rooms can often feel overwhelming, and parting ways with items you’ve been holding onto for a long time can be tough. Zero in on one area you can easily tackle like a cluttered cluttered shelf, a chaotic countertop, or a corner where things have been piling up.


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